Anywhere in the United States.  Including Alaska and Hawaii.

Interstate Buyers

RPM Automotive revolutionizes the out-of-state purchasing experience. Our expert sales staff brings the showroom to you, providing detailed photos, captivating videos, and even virtual consultations via Facetime. Call our sales team at (971) 329-1821 to learn more or secure your hold deposit. Distance is no barrier when it comes to driving your dream car with RPM Automotive. Experience a worry-free, seamless process that transcends borders and brings automotive excellence to your doorstep.

Purchase Process


Experience the RPM Automotive advantage with our dedicated Finance Department, providing a seamless one-stop shopping experience for all your financing needs. Leveraging years of expertise and an extensive network of local and national lenders, our mission is to secure the most favorable financing terms for you.


Planning to pick up your new vehicle in person? RPM Automotive goes the extra mile to enhance your journey. We offer convenient rides from your arrival point to our dealership. Our knowledgeable sales team is ready to recommend the finest hotels, restaurants, and local attractions, ensuring you make the most of your stay in captivating Portland.


Seamless delivery is our priority. Our dedicated transportation team handles nationwide shipping, including Alaska and Hawaii. We partner with carefully vetted, insured, and in-house brokered carriers, ensuring the safe and secure transport of your purchase. To further simplify the process, shipping costs can be included in your financing, eliminating any upfront expenses.

Vehicle Exports

RPM Automotive proudly focuses on fueling domestic journeys. It’s important to note that our commitment lies within the borders of the United States, and therefore, we do not export vehicles beyond its shores. For those seeking global adventures, the responsibility for export costs and customs rests with the buyer. Once the vehicle is paid in full, we can assist in arranging transportation to the designated port of export.


Empowering you to navigate the DMV realm, our knowledgeable staff stands ready to guide you through the transaction. However, it’s crucial to understand and fulfill your state’s unique requirements. As the buyer, you assume responsibility for any necessary smog certification or emission testing. To keep you moving forward, we provide temporary permits that grant you the freedom to cruise in your new vehicle while finalizing the registration process.


RPM Automotive knows that sales tax triumphs are determined by the registration location, not the place of purchase. We collect estimated sales tax and arm you with clear instructions to seamlessly conquer the next steps in registering your car. Let us fuel your drive as you conquer tax matters with ease and stride towards an exceptional ownership experience.

Ready to take the next step?

Speak with our sales team to learn more by calling (971) 329-1821